Who are we?

Dr Michael Kale

President & Treasurer

Fairy Floss Friday is the brainchild of Michael, an orthopaedics doctor passionate about the wellbeing of the healthcare community.

His personal experience and drive inspired our cause.

Dr Benji Pfister

v/ President & Secretary

A gentleman in every context, Benji is known for always putting others first. His drive to improve his colleagues' health and well-being is evident every day. If allowed, he would wear a loud shirt to work every day.

Dr Duncan Self

Director Marketing

Witnessing the impact Fairy Floss Friday had in his local hospital, Duncan was excited to be involved in the movement. 

Duncan’s goal for this project is unity throughout the healthcare community.

Dr Selina Campion

Sponsorship & Advocacy

Overseeing  our sponsorship & reaching out to partnering foundations and professional bodies whose values reflect our own, Selina 

helps unite the healthcare community behind our cause.

Dr Adrienne Campbell

Sponsorship & Advocacy

Overseeing  our sponsorship & reaching out to partnering foundations and professional bodies whose values reflect our own, Adrienne helps unite the healthcare community behind our cause.

Toni Taylor

Event Lead

Gold Coast

Emergency Dept. Clinical nurse at Gold Coast University Hospital.

Passionate about mental health and removing the stigma that surrounds it. Together with Tracy Hardy, co-developed a Mental Health Workshop with Tracy.

Kylie Lodge

Event Co-ordinator

Gold Coast

Emergency nurse at GCUH. Personal experience with mental illness and surviving with expert care. Passionate about supporting health care workers and advocating colleagues to ask for help.

Tracy Hardy

Event Co-ordinator

Gold Coast

Nurse at Gold Coast University Hospital. Tracy is passionate about caring for people with Mental Health Issues. Co-developed & runs a Mental Health Workshop for emergency staff to ensure patients receive optimal care & highlight the importance of self care.

Dr Shahina Braganza

Event Co-ordinator

Gold Coast

Shahina is a senior emergent physician at Gold Coast Health. She has a passion for teamwork, leadership and excellent patient care, and believes that the key ingredient to all of these is staff connection, through shared vulnerability.